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Hardin County Texas


Intrepid Drilling plans to drill three wells in Hardin County, Texas to capture oil and gas reserves from the prolific Yegua EY-4 formation. These land locations are 20 miles northwest of Beaumont, Texas. 

The prospects are based on geologic well control and 3D seismic technology. The reserves are classified as proven undeveloped, and the locations are offset to wells that are either partially produced or already penetrated reserviors. Each well will be drilled to approximately 12,000 feet. Well costs are estimated to be $5 million per well, completed with pipeline and facilities. Estimated reserves per well are 10-20 BCFG and 500,000-1 million barrels of oil (condensate). Initial production on each well is estimated to be 5,000 MCFGPD and 250 BOPD. Drilling is expected to begin in November of 2015, with the drilling of each well spaced two months apart.

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