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South Lake Charles


The South Lake Charles Prospect is located 7 miles south of  the City of Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. It is a Middle Oligocene age geo-pressured prospect located in the Middle and Lower Hackberry Sands. Intrepid owns all rights to all depths in 453 gross net contiguous acres.

On March 10, 2014, Intrepid Drilling completed this directional well after drilling to a depth of 15,251 feet. The HBY RG SUA Williams Well flowed 400 barrels of 54 API gravity oil per day and 1.6 million cubic feet of natural gas per day through a 6/64 choke.  The flowing tubing pressure was 5,000 psi and the shut-in tubing pressure was 8,500 psi. We have logged multiple pay zones in the Lower Hackberry Formation between 14,800 feet and 15,200 feet in the well. Plans are being made to drill several offset wells in the field.

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