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Little Cedar Creek Field Extension



The Little Cedar Creek Field, located approximately 72 miles north of Pensacola, Florida and 90 miles northeast of Mobile, Alabama, is in a field drilling unit consisting of 160 acres in Conecuh County, Alabama. The well was drilled to 12,000 feet to test the Smackover Jurassic carbonate reservoir on the southwest side of the field.

The field producing rate is holding up very well. The field has produced 13,066,419 barrels of oil through March of 2014, and 2,375,266 MCFG. The most recent monthly production was reported to be 33,191 BO and 28,163 MCFG. Reserves based on the field history are estimated to be 800,000 BO and 300 MMCFG per 160 acre unit.

The Little Cedar Creek Field has approximately 86 wells currently in a pattern roughly 15 miles long and up to 4 miles wide extending to the east/northeast from the field discovery well. Field development is ongoing.

The discovery of Little Cedar Creek Field and its production levels have stimulated a search for analogs and the value of the field at current oil prices, and make the venture well worth the capital expenditures. This is, of course, if all of the factors can be proven to be in place to justify the cost. In the case of Little Cedar Creek Field these factors are present. Continual development is well justified if acreage can be had. 

Little Cedar Creek Locator Map.jpg
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