West Cut Off Prospect

‚ÄčLafourche Parish, Louisiana

The West Cut Off Prospect is located approximately 65 miles southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana and immediately west of Bayou Lafourche.

The well was completed in July of 2011. The initial well was drilled to 13,357 feet and drilled through three Miocene sands, two of which were higher than normal pressure.  The well was completed in the Textularia W9 sand and tested 500 BOPD and 3300 MCFD at 6,200 psi flowing tubing pressure on a 12/64 choke. A second well is planned to be drilled below 14,000 feet to test the high pressure UL1 and UL2 sands. 

Intrepid Drilling observes the new Department of Natural Resources Rules from the Office of Conservation in the State of Louisiana regarding new drilling requirements, diverter systems and blowout prevention directives.