Management Team

Management Team

The management team of Intrepid Drilling consists of professionals that have been involved for many years in the petroleum industry. The principals of Intrepid Drilling, LLC have considerable experience in the fields of geology, geophysics, lease acquisitions, production, drilling and completing of oil and gas wells, and company management.

Management will oversee field operations on a daily basis, including the drilling and completion of new wells and production of the properties. In addition, they will continue to research and generate new projects which will be included in future development.

Management Team Members

William E. (Bill) Simmons - Manager

Mr. Simmons has over 35 years of executive level experience within the oil and gas industry. Over the years he has functioned as Managing Member of other oil companies, as an investor, operator, lease broker, primarily operating in the Gulf States Region and selected international markets.

Mr. Simmons, together with geologist Hugh Horn and operating as U.S. Gas Systems, developed a Selma Chalk prospect in Baxterville Field (Lamar and Marion Counties, Mississippi) with Penn Virginia Oil and Gas Inc. To date over 200 successful Selma Chalk wells have been drilled on this prospect. More recently he is responsible for causing a major field extension to the southeast flank of the Little Cedar Creek Field, Conecuh County, Alabama.

Mr. Simmons has also actively leased, drilled, and participated as an investor in numerous oil and gas prospects. He also worked many years in his family’s oil field construction company (Simmons Construction Company, Columbia, Mississippi) building locations, laying pipeline, and making pipeline connections to tanks, pumps, and wells.

As Manager of Intrepid Drilling, LLC, Mr. Simmons brings a wealth of business management skills, industry contacts and key relationships to the process of prospect acquisitions and ongoing development. A recent significant discovery is a western extension of the prolific Cut Off Field in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, where the company commenced production of the Alvin J. Pierce No.1 well.  The well was completed in the Textularia W9 sand at 13,268 feet and tested 3.3 million cubic feet of gas per day and 500 barrels of condensate per day, with two additional productive zones behind pipe. 

Drilling Team

Major H. Patterson

Major H. Patterson is Intrepid’s Drilling and Completion Engineer. Mr. Patterson has over 50 years of experience in the oil field, beginning in 1963. Soon after leaving Mississippi State University without his Petroleum Engineering degree, Mr. Patterson began his career in the oil field as a mechanic and equipment operator for Simmons Construction. In 1965 Mr. Patterson was employed by Humble Oil and Refining Company and was soon promoted to First Mechanic and then Maintenance Supervisor. Mr. Patterson has spanned a career that has included work as a roustabout, pumper, tool pusher, field superintendent, drilling and completion engineer, inventor, and investigator for Lloyds of London on offshore accidents in the Gulf of Mexico. Before finishing his 38 years with Humble Oil and Refining Company, which later became Exxon, Mr. Patterson won distinguished awards such as Engineer of the Year for the New Orleans District of Exxon in 1989 ,as well as the Outstanding Instructor Award in 1987. Mr. Patterson was one of the founders of Exxon’s Basic Drilling and Workover School, where he taught well head technology, safety, and completion technology. In 1991, Mr. Patterson won the President’s Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement in the Gulf of Mexico Offshore Drilling Operations. From 1992 through 1998, Mr. Patterson was in charge of completions for Exxon for both onshore and barge rigs in all of South Louisiana. Mr. Patterson is credited along with Mr. Jess Melancon for developing the balanced by-passed squeeze job. This is a technique that prevents formation damage by not having to cement over existing perforations; thus preventing having to re-perforate when doing a squeeze job for the invasion of water coming from below existing perforations. He patented the Patterson ratchet wrench which is widely used by the U.S. Military on all their M1A1 Abrams tanks. Mr. Patterson and Mr. Mark Unland worked on a special project for Exxon dealing with emission problems on diesel engines that Exxon had running in California, and were responsible for co-developing, along with Caterpillar, the electronic fuel injection system that is used today on almost all diesel engines. Today, Mr. Patterson oversees all drilling and completions for Intrepid Drilling.

Stephen M. Ballew

Stephen M. Ballew is Intrepid's new Drilling and Completion Engineer. He has 33 years of oilfield experience, and most recently worked 31 years for Noble Drilling, a global offshore drilling company.  He began his career in 1983 in the Land Rig Division out of Louisiana, then in 1988 went to the Offshore Division on a platform rig, Noble 29.  In 1990 Stephen transferred to the Jackup Division, then spent the last 17 years as Drill Sight Leader working in Mexico, India, Venezuela, Saudia Arabia, and Nigeria.  He retired from Noble Drilling in December of 2012.  Stephen was then employed by Seadrill from January of 2013 until April of 2014 as a Drill Sight Leader.  He drilled the first well in Mobile Bay for Shell Oil to the depth of 24,650 feet in 1992.  He is a member of the 4 Mile Club, is certified in well control from Wild Well Control, and is also certified from International Well Control Forum in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He has also attended Training to Reduce Unscheduled Events (TRUE) Training Course, and has attended Tap Root Training and Accident Investigation. He will be the on-site engineer for Intrepid Drilling.

Kevin Thomas

Kevin is the Field Operations Manager for Intrepid Drilling. He grew up in his family's construction business and was superintendent for major pipeline projects, water sewer plants and earthmoving. He was also Chief Pilot in Oregon for his family's construction business. Previously, Kevin has been a Projects Manager for Northrop Aviation at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma and at Celtus Air Force Base with other contracts for the EPA, upgrading sewer treatment and pipelines in Oklahoma and North Texas. He now oversees all location building operations, setting up communications, as well as managing vendors at the drillsite for Intrepid Drilling. Kevin administrates the drilling budget for each well, and manages all employees on location. He works closely with the Drilling and Completion Engineer to orchestrate timing for each stage of drilling as well as ordering and installation of needed equipment. Kevin has worked for Intrepid Drilling since 2013 and has already managed one large drilling operation in Louisiana.  

Max E. Maxwell

Max Maxwell, Petroleum Engineer for Intrepid Drilling, is a professional engineer registered in Louisiana and Texas with over 40 years experience in oil and gas drilling, production, reservoir engineering and property transactions. He holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University and graduated Cum Laude with a Master of Business Administration from University of New Orleans.

Mr. Maxwell has served as technical leader in the divestiture of over $500 million in assets for numerous oil and gas companies. He has extensive experience in performing reserve and economic evaluations of onshore and offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Canada and Columbia. He served as consultant for Capital One Energy Department, and created a Gulf Lease Analysis System (GLAS) that was utilized to acquire interests in over 50 producing properties in the Gulf of Mexico. He has served as president and CEO of several private oil companies. His professional affiliations include the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, and Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Aharon Berkovich

Aharon Berkovich, Joint Interest and Cost Manager for Intrepid Drilling, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology from the Tel Aviv University.  Additionally, Aharon also possesses a Software Engineering Diploma from the Ashrot College, Jerusalem, and a Business Management Diploma from the College of Management Academic Studies in Haifa. 

Aharon's initial experience in the oil industry began as a Regional Manager in the Jerusalem District for Paz Oil Company, LLC in late 1993. Until 1999, he was in charge of gas stations, retail agents and oil storage facilities.  He gained his first major experience with long and short term budgets, goals, expenses, cash flow and general financial activity.  After leaving Paz in late 1999, Aharon sought experience in the High-Tech industry using his Software Engineering acumen in various positions.  Aharon has learned large data management, computerizing workflows, processes, and large scale cost accounting.  In 2004, he worked as Asset Manager at Dorot Rishonim, LLC, a real-estate company, where he evaluated potential assets, developed existing assets and was in charge of the revenue stream generated.  During that time, he also owned a successful private preschool business, managing mostly the strategic development and financial aspect of the business.  In 2009 he moved to the United States and began working with Bill Simmons in the oil industry.


Tim Killgore

Thomas "Tim" Killgore, Jr. is an indepedent consultant in charge of purchasing leases for Intrepid Drilling.  He has over 40 years of experience buying and selling oil and gas leases and prospects. Mr. Killgore gained his Bachelor's Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans and is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen.  He has purchased leases in areas including South Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. Mr. Killgore purchased all leases on the West Cut-Off prospect that Intrepid Drilling drilled and completed. Additionally, Mr. Killgore purchased all leases on the South Lake Charles prospect that Intrepid Drilling just drilled, as well as leases for their new Lake Boeuf prospect, along with leases for Intrepid's new drilling program in East Texas.

Consulting Team

Don Frazier

Don Frazier, Consulting Geophysicist for Intrepid Drilling, started his career in May of 1961 after graduating with a B.S. in Geology from the University of Texas, then working as a Geophysicist in the offices of Humble Oil. He then went back to Graduate school at TCU in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1960 and after graduation went to work at Texaco where he began supervising non-technical employees in preparing base maps, structure maps and seismic data for computer input. Don transferred to the Corpus Christi District office in May of 1969, where he served as explorationist in south Texas onshore combining geology and geophysics on a regional scale until April of 1971, when he went to Union Oil Company of California. Mr. Frazier then worked for Signal Oil Company as geophysicist for offshore Federal Sales, where he mapped projects, initiating the first “hydrocarbon indicator” studies for groups at a time when knowledge of what industry was doing was very slim. In September of 1972, he was promoted to Senior Staff Geophysicist in the International Department at the headquarters office and was responsible for the North Sea area. He moved to the Cockrell Corporation in 1973 as Chief Geophysicist for the Canadian Rocky Mountain, West Texas and Gulf Coast on and offshore. In 1976, Mr. Frazier worked with C&K Petroleum, and was responsible for all geophysical evaluations worldwide. Since June of 1979, he has consulted many companies in the field and made many major discoveries working over a thousand square miles of 3-D seismic. He has also made extensive evaluations of Frio formations in Texas and Louisiana, along with supervising and interpreting 3-D shoots in Kazakhstan and reprocessing over the field, after which many successful wells were drilled. Mr. Frazier has developed major production in Vicksburg, Mississippi and Galveston Bay, Texas and Miocene discoveries in Louisiana. He has also made numerous discoveries in the Wilcox trend, Austin Chalk trend, expanded Yegua formation in Hardin County, Texas, as well as Oklahoma and Anadarko Basin, and Pacific coast. He also has experience in Northwest Australia, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as North Peru and Russia.

Vernon L. "Leon" Hux

Leon Hux, Drilling Supervisor for Intrepid Drilling, previously worked as an independent drilling supervisor for Creek Energy Management in Houston, Texas for over ten years. He has worked in South Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Florida, South and West Texas, setting up drilling operations for over eight different companies in these areas.  Leon has set up onshore and offshore wellsite drilling operations, and has been a completion supervisor in the Gulf Coast region, as well as being a wellsite supervisor on a platform development project in Ecuador. He also supervised a wellsite on a semi-submersible rig in offshore Ireland.  Some other projects Leon has supervised include jack-ups, inland barges, and semi-submersibles, supervising the drilling of short radius and horizontal wells.  Other projects include deep, high pressure gas wells in Mississippi, East Texas and Alabama.  Leon was employed at Exxon as a drilling supervisor for both offfshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as onshore in the Gulf Coast region.  His professional training includes drilling engineering school, abnormal pressure detection, MMS well control, industrial and oilfield firefighting school, has measurement pollution control and safety devices, drill string design, rig design, directional drilling completions and cementing procedures, rig instrumentation, and HS safety procedures.  He attended Pearl River Junior College in Poplarville, Mississippi where he earned an Associates Degree in 1968.

Office Team

Brenda Ingram

In January of 2011, Brenda was hired to bring her organizational and administrative skills to Intrepid Drilling as the Office Manager. She was first introduced to office work at her family’s car dealership, Laird Motor Company, by helping with daily operations such as receiving payments, paying vendors, and posting cash receipts. After graduating from high school, she continued her education at William Carey University (formerly William Carey College) and Jackson Commercial Business College. Brenda's previous career spanned over twenty-six years of Federal Government service with twenty-two years with the Department of Treasury. In the New Orleans District she compiled and reconciled office supplies, forms, and resource materials for the branch, as well as maintaining a running account of funds available. She reviewed, analyzed and compiled data from the field offices for the division’s monthly and quarterly reports for management distribution, and assisted the division’s staff assistant by compiling staff hour computations and inputting Personnel Actions for the mass realignment. In 1999, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she evaluated, reconciled, developed and maintained a tracking spreadsheet relating to travel labor and invoice vouchers. She performed various accounting functions, including account reconciliations, as well as performing routine budget analysis tasks for various phases of budgeting and finance in the National Office. When she retired from the federal government in 2004, Brenda became actively involved in a small home contracting business as the Owner and Office Manager where she verified and posted details of business transactions, received and disbursed funds. She also performed technical accounting and bookkeeping functions as they pertained to the processing of accounts receivable and payable. She is the notary public for Intrepid Drilling.