Intrepid Completes Discovery in Lafourche Parish

Intrepid Drilling has completed its Alvin Pierce #1 well in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. The company drilled to a depth of 13,357 feet and logged an additional 27 feet of oil pay full to base in the Tex   W-9 interval at 13,254', a new field discovery.  This interval was completed and tested through perforations 13,268' to 13,280' at a rate of 500 BOPD and 3300 MCFG with a flowing tubing pressure of 6200 psi on a 12/64 choke.  Additionally, two other pay zones were identified up the hole in the Tex W-7 and the Tex W-8.  Intrepid drilled this untested fault block west of the prolific Cut Off Field based on recently acquired 3D data. The company plans to drill at least two more wells in the area.